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Business, wellbeing, creativity, self-development and spirituality.


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Online courses and coaching programmes that have helped thousands of women to make changes to their work and home-life.

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Who am I?

I'm Annie Ridout - journalist (Guardian, Forbes, Telegraph, Red etc), author (The Freelance Mum and Shy), qualified coach and founder of The Robora.

I've been in online business for 12 years - launching and growing websites, an online following (particularly on Instagram) and monetising online content and ideas.

My first website was a parenting platform - The Early Hour - which reached 100,000 parents a month, next I started a personal website and The Robora came after that.

It started as a way to monetise my writing while waiting for journalism and book commissions to come through but I soon became obsessed with marketing, mindset and business.

Alongside writing and business, I'm mum to three young kids, go running every morning, drink lots of coffee, pull tarot cards to help with decision-making and burn nag champa.

Got a question? I'd love to hear from you. Get in touch -

Having Annie as my coach has brought me multiple benefits. She is there to not only talk about my business challenges but also understand the constant conflict of balance as a new mother. No topic is off discussion with Annie and I always come away from our calls feeling lighter and focused with a clear path forward. 

Millie Hemmings

"I loved your course and it was just what I needed to push through my doubts… I’ve made back the course fee in double within the first two days and already planning the next one!" Natalie Costa

"I’ve sold nearly 100 spaces on my course. Your weekly nudge on getting tasks done on the Facebook group was all the push I needed. Also, the motivation from all the other women – their drive and passion towards their individual projects was everything! I just didn’t want to fail and you took that burden off me! Your tips and tricks – EPIC! Thank you! Thank you! I feel empowered." April Laugh

The Robora Manifesto

"I did Annie's PR class end of last year sometime. Delighted to say today that I am in THE TIMES!! My first piece of publicity so quite a biggie, hoping another second piece in another publication will be out this week too. Now to keep the momentum going. Thanks Annie x” Wilma McDonald

"I've taken about 55% of what I've learnt so far and applied it, and in the last two months, I've had the best two months of online sales for courses in my business to date" Josie Buck

“If you’re sitting on the fence about doing Annie’s PR course – hop off and get on it! Here I am in the Daily Express today WITH a mention of my business and website address.” Hayley Comber-Berry


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