20 ways to get an instant burst of joy (for free)

If you’re feeling inexplicably weary – perhaps it’s hormone-related, or down to the stresses of everyday life – here are 20 ways to get an instant boost, without spending a penny…

Last night, as I pulled back the duvet before getting into bed, I remembered the bedsheets had been changed.

I lay down and revelled in the fresh, crisp sheets for several moments.

It made me think of those those other simple bursts of joy we get from everyday things…

20 ways to get an instant burst of joy

  1. Change your bed sheets and get into that fresh, crisp bed.
  2. Massage your feet with foot cream (or any old moisturiser).
  3. Stretch your body (use yoga videos on YouTube if you need inspiration).
  4. Pull some weeds.
  5. Light a candle, and then make a wish as you blow it out.
  6. Open all the windows in your home and let the air flow (no matter the season).
  7. Drink a glass of ice-cold water and focus on how it feels as it travels down your body.
  8. Rub hand cream into your hands, and breathe in the scent.
  9. Write a limerick.
  10. Do a plank.
  11. Look up at the sky; take in the expansiveness.
  12. Note the single best thing about your life, right now.
  13. Use the table as a drum and create a rhythmic beat.
  14. Put a spoonful of sugar in your tea.
  15. Read your horoscope online.
  16. Pick a few flowers, find a small vase, arrange them in some water.
  17. Create shadow puppets on the wall.
  18. Record yourself farting and send it to someone.
  19. Cut snowflakes out of paper.
  20. Move around your home with incense, filling the air with its scent.

What would you add to this list?