5 steps to creating a successful online business

For a business to succeed, there are various boxes that need to be ticked. A process that needs to be followed. Because it’s all good having a fantastic product – but not if no one knows it exists…

The five steps to business success are as follows:
1. Create a brilliant product, that people actually want (find out by doing extensive research).
2. Do your sums: you need to be making a profit, so take EVERY cost into account.
3. Identify your ideal customer. Get to know them really well. Their likes, dislikes. How they want to be spoken to. Where they hang out.
4. Market your product to them. Make it visible. Before launch, drum up interest. And then use social media, emails, press coverage and ads to reach your people.
5. Be innovative. Think creatively about reaching your customers. Listen to feedback. Make changes. Keep evolving, as a business and brand.