7 things that are bringing me joy as autumn approaches

7 things bringing me joy this autumn

After a long, hot summer spent waiting for rain, we’re now getting the rain. But instead of spending this autumn lamenting the end of summer, here are some things that can bring joy as the days shorten and the weather cools down…

I love the changing of the seasons; the weather warming up and flowers-in-bloom as winter turns to spring; the hotting up as summer approaches and then the shift from long, sunny summer days to shorter, crisper autumn ones.

But I know for many, autumn – and then winter – can feel hard. So I wanted to share some of the everyday autumnal moments that bring me joy, and solace, as the days get shorter and darker and we move into the season of auburn leaves and fireworks…

7 things that bring me joy in autumn

  1. Putting a pan of porridge on the hob, stirring in milk to make it lovely and creamy and then spooning it into big ceramic bowls, topped with Greek yoghurt, seasonal fruit and a drizzle of honey.
  2. Stepping outside, first thing in the morning, for a blast of cold, crisp air. Even if it’s drizzly, it really helps to me wake up and feel alive. Ideally, a 20-minute walk in nature before the school run, too.
  3. Pulling on big woollen socks. My current favourites are these ones from Glassworks. They cost a fiver. I have them in blue, yellow, pink and cream to match all outfits.
  4. Lighting a fire. I bought a chiminea and we had friends round at the weekend so piled up the wood and enjoyed the warmth of the fire, while the flames danced and the smoke shot straight out the top.
  5. Singing with friends. We gather around the piano, someone plays and everyone belts out a song we all know. The Beatles, Elton John, Queen, pop songs, musicals. Anything.
  6. Clearing up after dinner, lighting a stick of nag champa incense to waft around the kitchen and living room (cleansing the space) then lighting a candle, giving thanks for the day and making a wish as I blow it out. Extra candles needed if children decide to join me.
  7. Fresh bed sheets with a brush cotton fitted sheet. Cleaning sheets/duvet cover etc are always a delight but brush cotton in winter is just so blimmin’ soft and cosy.

What would you add to this list; what brings you joy in autumn?

(photo credit: @contentpixie)

Author: Annie Ridout