Annie Ridout Courses has moved over here

Our online business courses started on a different website – Annie Ridout Courses – but now they live here. Here’s why…

When I launched my first online courses, teaching people how to get press for their business, I created a password-protected blog post.

It was so utterly makeshift.


But it worked.

The information was there.

People found it useful.

I set weekly exercises that course participants completed.

And then I gave them feedback.

They ended up being featured in Stylist, the Daily Express, the Guardian, Telegraph, the Sun – all over the place.

That first group of 10 then spread the word.

They told their Instagram followers and friends.

So when I launched the second course, I had people waiting in the wings.

Ready to join.

I quickly saw there was a market for these online business courses.

Teaching women how to, basically, make more money.

So I turned my personal website – – into an online course website.

We added a new ‘shop’ section to host the courses.

And they continued to sell really well.

But a year later, the business was growing beyond my wildest dreams.

We were employing a team to help us.

And it felt like now was the time to create a new home for our online business.

We had soft-launched The Robora for our first business programme.

The branding was there.

The courses were mostly set up.

All we needed to do was move well over 1000 users (and their courses).

That was actually quite hard.

A lot of logistical and technical challenges.

But we did it.

And now, all our courses are here.

So is our next 12-week online business programme – launching September.

It feels so good to have the whole business on just one platform.

This one.

‘Robora’ means ‘to encourage’.

And that’s what we’re here to do.

To encourage women in business to see value in themselves and their product/service.

Want to join our courses and community?

We’d love to have you.