Are new ideas just a form of procrastination?

Why, when you’re about to sit down and work on a task, do you suddenly feel so much more inspired to start something completely different? Is this an intuitive pull elsewhere, or a form of procrastination?

I’m meant to be working on my book, Shy.

So I obviously have five different ideas for BRILLIANT Instagram posts.

That I absolutely have to write RIGHT NOW or else the ideas will wither away.

I’ll lose the inspiration.

The energy will dissipate.

Except this often happens when I’m embarking on a big task.

A book edit.

And so I’m wondering if in fact, this is a form of procrastination?

After all, putting out a few Instagram posts is a lot easier than writing the final chapter of a book.

A book that needs to be completed in the next few weeks.

Perhaps it’s that the instant gratification of Instagram ‘likes’ – that dopamine hit – will lift some inner fear.

Fear that lingers as I’m yet to have full feedback on the first draft of my new book.

A few Instagram ‘likes’ means: I like what you’ve written.

Maybe I’m looking for a confidence boost before ploughing on with the last section of the book.

Either way, I’m going to do both.

Write the Instagram posts, then get stuck into the book.

Unless it’s suddenly lunchtime and then: whoops! Time’s run out.

I’ll write the final chapter tomorrow.