Coronavirus lockdown: Is now a good time to be selling?

I’m getting lots of messages about whether now is an appropriate time to ‘sell’. These are messages from freelancers and small business owners, and my advice is: YES. If you have something to sell, that people might benefit from; sell it…

For instance, I run an online course over at called ‘How to create a successful online course’.
There are people at home right now, trying to work out if they could create an online course to sell – using their existing skills and knowledge.
They want it to provide a new income stream to make up for a loss of clients/events.
So I’m selling it.
At first, I felt the same as the people who have been messaging me: guilty, awkward, maybe even greedy.
But then I looked at my own situation: a family of five to support, bills to pay, business to keep afloat.
So I reasoned as long as what I’m selling is something people want and need, we are all winning.
And if you’re feeling bad, just ask yourself whether the supermarkets are feeling guilty about their websites crashing because they’re getting so many online orders.
Doubt it.
How are you feeling about selling at the moment?