Did she do a good job? Then tell her

Positive feedback is good for the giver, as well as the receiver. So dish it out whenever you can. It will lift your spirits as well as the recipient’s…

A few years ago, I went to Bournemouth for the night.
I was staying in a budget hotel.
It cost £30 for the night.
The room was small but immaculate.
It was very good value.
I had a fun night out, slept as well as can be then packed to leave.
As I was checking out, the receptionist said:
how was your stay?
I said: it was great, thank you.
And he said: please could you give us a review online?
He said that people are so quick to leave negative feedback.
And that it really affects business.
But that when people have a good experience, they often don’t report back.
When I got home, I left a positive review.
And from that day on, I kept that thought in my mind:
that it’s easy to find fault and complain
but it’s also easy to pick out the good bits, and to relay them.
Then earlier in the week, one of The Robora members gave me some positive feedback.
She said: “I wanted to let you know that I’m really really grateful to have joined the Robora, it has been the best investment.”
And this brought me joy.
To be told you’re doing a good job feels wonderful.
I was so grateful that she’d taken the time to share this with me.
She didn’t have to.
But she was feeling good about what she is getting from the membership.
And she knows it feels good to spread positivity.
It means you are focused on the positive not the negative.
And you are making someone else happy, too.
Both these things lift your spirits.
So I urge you to share your positive feedback more often than negative.
Because every day, we experience good things.
We just need to be open to seeing them.