Do you need a social media following to make sales?

So, a question people often ask me is this: do you need a social media following to make sales and find new clients?

The answer is no.

Sure, you CAN sell to your following.

But growing one takes time. It’s frustrating.

And often, it’s not a dependable way to bring in the income that you need in order to survive.

So relax for a moment.

Your following can come later, over time. For now, there’s a better way.

To find the people who are most likely to buy your course and your services, paid social media ads are the way to go.

Again, you don’t need a following to do this.

And you can test it out for a very small daily budget.

With Facebook and Instagram ads, there are lots of clever ways to find the right people for you.

But as a starting point, you can use a feature that puts ads in front of people with specific interests.

So, if you have a yoga course, for example, you could put your ads in front of people interested in, say, a yoga festival.

We recently made £9,205 in one month using this interest-based method.

And that £9k had nothing to do with our following.

That income was achieved by showing our ads to people with a specific interest who had not heard of us before.

But where was that ad sending people, you might ask…

Well, even if you’re not asking – you need to know, because this is where the real magic happens.

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