Everything we do is a practice

We recently had the wonderful Tamu Thomas talk to Annie over in The Robora Facebook Group.

She gave us a lot to think about.

“We don’t have to be ‘the expert’ straight away,” explained Tamu.

“We can practice and actually, when you think about it, everything we do is a practice.

There is great power in allowing yourself to grow into things.

Have patience, go slow.”

Our favourite moments of the podcast were the Beyoncé lessons, which we can all learn from.

“Beyoncé was talking about, researching and rehearsing 18 months before Black Is King was released,” said Tamu. “She didn’t just rock up to a studio and start then and there. Beyoncé allowed herself to practice, learn and grow into that.”

So we can keep practising too.

Give yourself time to become an expert.

To grow your business.

If you’re in the Facebook group, you can watch or listen to the whole interview with Tamu there or listen to the podcast.

Vist Tamu’s website: https://www.livethreesixty.com/