Getting add to cart but no sales? Try this

For those selling online, it can be frustrating to have people add a product/service to cart and then abandon the cart. If this is happening, you need to investigate. Here’s how…

So I had this post planned.

I was going to remind people to ‘be their own customer’.

What I mean by this is: go through the customer journey, check the process.

Because as boss, you are at the other end of it all.

You can be a bit removed from the customer experience.

Things like: is it easy to checkout; to pay? Or is there something blocking people?

If you have lots of ‘add to carts’ that don’t result in a purchase, why is this?

One reason might be that people aren’t familiar with your payment system so they back out.

We always recommend having PayPal as a payment option for this reason.

People trust Paypal, and their card details are stored there.

So they don’t have to hunt for their card to complete the transaction.

Anyway, I’m planning this post, when I get an email.

Someone has signed up for my online course: ‘How to sell spaces on your online course’ over at

But when she goes to log in, the link takes her to an empty page.

To get into her account, she needed to open a dropdown menu and select ‘login’.

It wasn’t intuitive.

And so she emailed, asking for help.

I was grateful, as it gave me the opportunity to fix this issue.

And my brilliant web woman, Claire, did it right away.

I wasn’t going to lose a customer, as she’d already purchased, but it did make her introduction to my course a bit annoying.

So it had to change.

The process needs to be as smooth as possible; the whole way through.

So test the journey; buy your own product. Get friends to test it too (perfectionist friends, who pick up on tiny details).

And if you spot anything that might make a busy person think: ahh, I can’t be bothered… change it. Fix it.