How to make big life changes

How are you?

I am EXCITED because we have a new life plan and it’s BIG and BRILLIANT and 2022 is going to be the greatest adventure.

Interested to hear about it? You can listen to my podcast episode about making big life changes (like mine) here.

And below, there are a bunch of recommendations for making big changes to your business, wellbeing and more…

Love, Annie x

Do you drink alcohol? If yes, how do you feel about drinking? I often go through periods of abstinence (though I’m not in one right now). And it makes me feel so good in body and mind. If you’re keen to try the sober life, I recommend A Sober Girls Guide podcast (don’t like women being called girls but I’ll let that go). Also, Allen Carr’s The easy way for women to stop drinking or try coaching with Emily Fullylove (she’s amazing).

If you know you’d like to launch a new business, or pivot an existing one, I have an online course you might like called Becoming your own Boss. It works for those who are ready to make a business change, as well as those starting a business (or freelance career) from scratch.

You know that thing you ‘can’t do’ – whether it’s writing, drawing, clay-modelling, using watercolour paints… well, I dare you to try it. Because you actually can do it if you remove all expectation and just go with the flow.

The podcast I shared above, about my own life changes, was very much inspired by this one where Oprah interviews Dr Michael Bernard Beckwith. This guy is full of wisdom. I kept stopping my run to note things down. Big stuff.

You want to make a change? Ask yourself these questions…

1. Imagine no one else is around you, or relying on you. Where would you like to be?

2. What’s stopping you from being there?

3. Is this insurmountable or is there a way to push through that barrier?