How to write emails people actually want to read

You probably know that you need a mailing list. The bigger, the better. But actually there’s something more important than the size of your mailing list – and that’s that you’re sending your subscribers emails they actually want to receive. Otherwise you’ll lose them. And potential sales…

If you’re running a business, you’ll know about the importance of having a mailing list.
The power of being able to ‘land in someone’s inbox’.
Rather than just hope your ad reaches them.
Or the Instagram post you put out that morning.
But while a mailing list is definitely important, there’s something more important.
And that’s the emails you put out to that list.
I now host a podcast – The Robora podcast – and episode two is on EMAILS.
So: subject lines, things to do and avoid, the main content – and mailing lists to sign up to.
But here, I’d like to share a recent example of a brilliant subject line.
It was for an email from mindset coach Rebecca Caution.
And it read: Want some more time? I’ve got the answer! ➡
It was brilliant because it spoke to me, personally.
I want more time.
And made me open it to see how Rebecca could help with this.
The best bit? Her suggestion was so good.
Something I could actually do.
She suggested ‘socially distancing from your phone.’
And went on to explain how to do this.
She even included an emoji in her subject (the arrow) and it worked.
For more on emails, have a listen to my podcast.
It’s short: 15 minutes. And will give you some ideas for your emails.