Manifesting: how to do it sensibly and achieve tangible results

manifesting sensibly

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could click our fingers and discover one million pounds had landed in our bank account? Some think this is what we’re hoping for when we manifest. But it’s not. Here’s a guide to manifesting sensibly and with integrity to achieve tangible results…

Words: Annie Ridout

Manifesting. People love it. Swear by it. Hate it. Think it’s only for the privileged. The way I see it: if you don’t know what you want, it doesn’t happen. Don’t know you want to start a business? You won’t start planning. Don’t know you want a new car? You won’t start saving.

However, manifesting isn’t about saying you want something, clicking your fingers and seeing it has landed on your doorstep. It’s about thinking: what kind of life do I want to be working towards? Do you want more money, time, freedom, love, travel, work, hobbies, to live off the land?

And then doing research, to work out how you could achieve that end goal before plotting small, manageable steps forwards.

It might not happen tomorrow, it might even take 10 years (some of my visions have) but if you really want it: stay clear, focused, believe in yourself and what you’re capable of and work as hard as you can to make it happen.

One of my dreams, in my early 20s, was to become a freelance journalist. At the time, I thought it would never happen. Now, I have written for all my favourite publications (including the Guardian, Red Magazine, Grazia, the Independent, Forbes, the Telegraph…).

But I still have to pitch pitch pitch and deal with rejection/being ignored all the time. However, if I keep pitching, keep coming up with new ideas and keep sharing content online – I continue to get commissioned. Really, even the end goal isn’t the end goal, because you get there and have to keep working for it.

It’s worth it, though. Getting to where you want to feels good. And if you never try, you never get there. So create your vision, work towards it and – if you fancy pouring a splash of ‘woo’ into your manifesting – ask for guidance from a deity of your choice.

Add a splash of woo to your manifesting

Try a Greek God like Hades, (God of wealth) or Goddess Aphrodite (love). Hold belief that you are capable of great things – because you are – and that you’re being supported by this deity. Imagine your ‘god’ watching over you, pouring luck and success all around you and your path.

Now, as you create a visionboard based on what you’d like your life to look like, or write a list of everything you’d like to achieve, or create a mantra for success (eg. a statement like: I am calm, confident, successful and proud) that you repeat every day, you can do it all with that magical deity watching over you.

We know that feeling good and healthy in body and mind helps us to achieve more. Now we need to talk about ‘spirit’. It’s the third focus. Movement and healthy food for the body, talking and meditation for the mind, being open and imaginative in terms of spirit.

It will elevate your daily work-life. And home-life. And relationships. Spirituality and manifesting won’t banish all the bad in the world but they will help us to usher in more good. Give it a try. Open your mind to the possibility of something bigger being out there; something magical.

Into this? And ready to elevate your business/freelance career? You need this.

Author: Annie Ridout