Money and Wellbeing

How important is money to your wellbeing?

And where does it become really comfortable or really uncomfortable?

I have a baseline that I like to earn.

Around £3000 a month.

But when I was earning £10,000 a month, I felt exhilarated.

It was the first time I’d been able to put a big chunk in savings.

At the moment, my main challenge is children vs earning.

I have three half days of childcare for my youngest until September.

Then he goes to nursery full-time (school hours), term-time.

So then, I’ll be able to work a lot more.

For a while, I paid a lot of money for triple childcare (all three kids) so I had more time to work.

But that isn’t what we want, at the moment.

We’ve relocated and need to all settle in together.

So I’m earning less but have more time with my family.

The truth is: I’m ready for it to shift back a bit the other way.

So I’m looking forward to September, when this will happen.

Tell me about you, money and wellbeing?

Annie x