No time to get any work done? You need this…

Keen to create an online course but no idea when you’d find the time to make it happen? This is for you…

On an average week, it can be hard to drum up the motivation to work.

You know what you should be doing – but that doesn’t mean you are doing it.

Then throw in the current circumstances – lockdown, panic, work drying up, furlough…

There’s so much going on for all of us.

I’m up to my eyeballs in work and kids, but I’ve managed to write a new course – coming soon – so I’ve been looking at my work process, breaking it down, to see if I can help others to get more done.

And I’ve realised that I actually have a pretty foolproof work schedule for ANYONE who would like to create their own online course.

Because this is where so many of us get stuck. We have the ideas, but we can’t work out how to make them happen when we NEVER HAVE ANY TIME.

So the schedules I’ve designed will show you exactly what you need to do each day to create and launch your own online course.

Whether you have 35 hours a week to work, 15 hours or just 30 minutes a day – there’s a worksheet for you…

(And, once launched and selling, your online course should bring some extra income during these financially uncertain times).

There are three options…

1. If you have a partner to help with the kids for five days straight and can put in full-time hours, you can create an online course in a week.

2. If you can work part-time hours – five days a week, three hours a day – it will take two weeks to create your course.

3. And if, like me, you’re cramming work into the corners of your day and can only spare 30 minutes a day – there’s a work schedule that will show you that you can create a course in 24 days, less than a month, by committing just half an hour a day.

If you’d like to receive these three work schedules directly into your email inbox, you can sign up to my mailing list here. Once signed up, you’ll have access to all of them – for free – to help you plan your own online course.

Let me know how you get on. And if you’d like extra help, my ‘How to launch a successful online course‘ covers everything you need to know about creating your own course.

If you’re at the start of your business journey, however, you might like my ‘How to start your own business‘ course. It will help you to move from idea to launch (with a confidence module and financial planning). It’s suitable for going freelance, starting a side-hustle or growing your own company.

Or the ‘DIY PR‘ course, which teaches you how to get press coverage and grow your profile.