The Online Business: Sofia Wilde, Sound Generation

“Focused concentration is a real battle now, with so many things vying for my attention.” says Sofia Wilde. She talks to The Robora about her typical day at work and home, teaching music online and the effects of the Internet…

Sofia Wilde runs a music agency, Sound Generation, with her husband, and teaches baby and toddler music sessions. They have worked alongside the likes of George Benson, Ed Sheeran, Jocelyn Brown and Omar. She’s implemented some of the Robora’s course advice, and their business featured in The Sunday Times.

What time do you wake up in the morning?
My kids get me up any time between 6-7:30am.

What’s the first thing you do?
Put the coffee on, and then it’s a case of getting everyone dressed and ready for school/preschool.

When’s breakfast?
Once the kids are out of the house, I’ll sit down for a few minutes to catch my breath, have breakfast, and invariably have another coffee.

What time do you start work?
Around 9:30/10am. 9am on the one morning I teach.

Where do you work from (home, studio, office etc.)?
From our garden studio, apart from the one morning when I go out to teach baby and toddler music sessions at a local hall.

Tell us about the work you do, including the online side of it…
This year has been a tough one for our business with all the industries we supply really struggling in the wake of Covid-19, so we recently decided to launch online music tuition. We offer guitar, piano, singing and songwriting sessions with some incredible musicians, including a Jamiroquai band member, a guitarist who’s worked with Beyoncé. 

Do you break for lunch – and if yes, what’s on the menu?
Yes, I always break for lunch. Usually, it’s soup or a sandwich.

How do you lift yourself from the afternoon slump?
Coffee or a quick walk.

Do you incorporate exercise into your workday?
Not often. I try to fit a run in one morning a week, but that’s fallen by the wayside in the run-up to Christmas.

Where do you go for inspiration?
We are fortunate to live near the river, so that’s where I usually go for inspiration. Also, the Tate Modern if time allows it.

What tech could you not live without?
My laptop and my phone.

Finish this sentence: The Internet is… 

a blessing and a curse. I honestly can’t imagine life without it – it’s a fantastic tool and has many positives. Still, I also see some really negative behavioural changes as a result of the internet. I personally find focused concentration a real battle now, with so many things vying for my attention. 

What time do you finish for the day?
It varies. I aim to switch off for the day once the kids are in bed, but it really depends on the workload.

Are the evenings for rest, work or play?
All three. I love the work I do so it rarely feels like a chore doing it in the evening, but I also crave downtime, so I’m pretty good at setting aside at least one evening a week for that. And if it weren’t for the global pandemic, I love socialising with friends too. A meal out and plenty of chat is so good for the soul.

What are you reading/watching at the moment? How do you switch off from work nowadays?
We’re currently watching the Steve McQueen series, ‘Small Axe’ and loving it, and I’ve just started reading Matt Haig’s latest book ‘The Midnight Library’. I switch off by exercising, listening to music, singing or practising the piano (though a rarity these days, sadly), listening to a podcast or reading.

Screens in the bedroom, or banned?
Banned. I charge my phone in the kitchen at night. Very occasionally, I fall off the wagon and catch up on the news in bed, but it doesn’t happen often – I’m pretty strict these days.

How do you sleep?
Not great at all. We’re regularly woken up by one of our three kids. I would love to start my day early before they get up, but my sleep is so unpredictable I just can’t commit to that right now.

Finish this sentence: This time next year, I’ll be…
getting a bit more sleep (wishful thinking…) and seeing more of my friends and family post-pandemic.


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