People want massage, not fitness plans

Look at what your customers are asking for and focus your attention on that part of the business…

Last weekend, I had a massage from a local woman.

We’ve known each other a few years, and we like to talk business.

(I’m one of those people who likes talking while having a massage. There aren’t many of us).

This masseuse is a personal trainer, specialising in women’s postnatal health.

But she told me that in the past six months, her business has flipped.

Where it used to be 80% PT, 20% massage, it’s now the opposite.

In fact, it’s nearer 90% massage.

People want to be pampered, she said.

They want to relax.

Less goals, more nurturing.

Some of her clients just want to be touched, because they haven’t been during the pandemic.

So she did some new training.

She learned how to do manicures and pedicures.

Now she offers that service too.

And people are buying it.

It’s always worth keeping an eye on what people are coming to you – or others – for, and adjusting what you’re offering accordingly.

It doesn’t mean stopping one of your products/services entirely, but maybe offering a flash sale on something that might appeal more.

I had a poem go viral on Instagram last week, so I turned it into a print and I’ve sold 68 copies.

Selling poetry prints isn’t my main business – The Robora is.

But I saw an opportunity, as these words were clearly resonating.

In your field, what are people buying/asking about/looking for, and how can you give them more of that?

Annie x