PR can lead to sales. But you have to get it right

When people buy my online business courses or my book The Freelance Mum, I often think: what lead them to me/it?

Sometimes, I ask.

Usually I don’t.

But occasionally someone will message and, without being prompted, say: my friend recommended your book in our ‘mums’ WhatsApp group and I bought it. Or: my sister told me about your courses because I’ve just quit my job and I’m looking to start a business.

I know that word-of-mouth is powerful. And I LOVE receiving recommendations for books, courses and people to follow from my friends. But beyond personal recommendations, how do you get people to find out about your product or service?

One way is through PR.

Some say that PR won’t lead to sales.

But they’re wrong.

I have been contacted by a woman who came to two talks where I was sat on a panel, talking about (my favourite subject) work-life balance. She went on to buy one of my online courses, as she liked how I shared my message.

I’ve had multiple women say that they heard me speaking on Woman’s Hour, about my book, and went on to buy it.

People have read a feature I’ve written for the Telegraph or the Guardian, and gone on to buy either my book or a course.

PR will lead to sales if you get it right. You need to talk in the right way, on the right show/panel/publication/platform.

Having an article in Grazia if you’re a man selling razors won’t work. But if you’re a woman selling snag-free tights, it might. Then, you need to create your ‘story’ around the tights. Who are you, and why did you launch that company?

You need a story. People hate being obviously sold to, but they love stories. They will be captivated by a story that surprises or entertains them. And they’ll then be much more likely to invest in your product.

Where would you love to get a mention or an interview?