Sales: How to get clients and customers buying from you

If you get leads but can’t seem to close the sale, it’s time to re-think your approach. Here’s what to do – and not to do – to start making more sales…

Firstly, we’re in an odd time. There’s lots of sensitivity, people are responding differently to what’s going on – and we’re all affected in different ways.

BUT there are still people spending money on products and services that they need and want.

So, how can you sell to those people…?

I used to work in telesales. I didn’t really want to – I wanted to write for the magazine – but that wasn’t an option so I sold advertising space instead.

It taught me a lot about the psychology of sales.

It reminded me that with sales, you are appealing to another human. That person has their own background, likes and dislikes. So you have to be flexible.

But most importantly, you have to LISTEN.

When someone emails me about one of my online courses, I don’t say: I’m Annie and my courses are ACE so of course you should buy one.

I say: what are you looking for help with? Then I explain how my course could do that.

An example conversation:

Potential client says:

I’d love you to design my website but I’m strapped for cash.

You say:

You’re strapped for cash?

Potential client:

You know, I have a budget – I’m not expecting this for free – I just don’t have loads of money.


[Show them how great you are, how engaged you are, and why you deserve the fee you’ve quoted. While remaining understanding (and not arrogant).] So…

I’d love to do this job for you. I can see your logo needs updating, have you thought about changing the colour palette? I’m a colour expert, I studied the psychology of colour at art school and it gave me a great understanding of how using the right colours for the visual identity of a website can lead to more sales.

You are warming up your potential customer, showing them you know your stuff.

Don’t say:

  • I’m desperate for work right now.
  • Don’t say: you’d be making a mistake if you didn’t go with me.
  • Don’t talk down anyone else they might be in conversation with; keep it positive, supportive and collaborative.

In brief, to make a sale, you need to:

  • Ask questions; show them you care about them.
  • Share the benefits of working with you/buying from you.
  • Don’t talk so much that they switch off; keep it brief and to the point.
  • This is about them not you. About why they need your products or service.
  • Don’t beg, don’t be desperate. Say your piece, with confidence, and then go quiet.
  • If they need some time to think – let them have it. Suggest following up in a day or two.

Got any sales tips to add?