Become your own boss (freelance, business)

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From the author of The Freelance Mum: A flexible career guide for better work-life balance

Are you thinking of starting a business? Perhaps you’re keen to move your career online. If you’d like to monetise your existing skills, and to create a better work-life balance, this course is for you. It will help you work out what your freelance path, business or ‘side hustle’ should be, give you a big confidence boost, ensure you have the money stuff sorted and the practical steps to get started.

Ready to start a business that you feel passionately about, that enables you to work the hours that suit you and that you can grow as big as you like (and reap all the benefits)?

This course will help you work out what your freelance path, online business or ‘side hustle’ should be (or refine an existing idea), give you a big confidence boost, ensure you have the money stuff sorted and the practical steps to get started…

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THANK YOU for your course, Becoming Your Own Boss. From being completely lost a few months ago, I'm a week into launching my own brand! Honestly I can’t express just how much your course has helped - absolutely fundamental. So thank you x Heather Gilberthorpe

The benefits of self-employment are huge…

  • Flexible working hours
  • No more commuting
  • Choose what you earn
  • Better work-life balance

But many of us stay in job we don’t like because we feel afraid; we don’t have the confidence to make the leap.

I understand, I’ve been there.

However, after giving birth to my first baby, I had a ‘now or never’ moment and went fully freelance. I now run an online business that generated six figures in year one. That's a lot more than I was earning before kids but I work half as many hours.

There are two more kids in the mix now, too. And there's a certain amount of 'juggling' but I'm able to feel hugely fulfilled by my work, and to earn decent money, without sacrificing time with my family.

If you like the sound of my work-life balance (kids or no kids), this online course is for you.

These four modules will teach you everything you need to know about becoming your boss – from deciding what your freelance path or online business should be, mustering the confidence to make the leap and ensuring it will pay.

You’ll also be armed with legal advice, and the necessary steps for setting up as a freelancer, including: registering as self-employed, building a website, branding, social media, making contacts, spreading the word, childcare. All presented in digestible chunks.

Louise joined my course and after module two, wrote to me saying:

“At the start of this course I had no expectations of what I might find out about myself, I just wanted to be really open-minded and not just take the easy option. And I have really have surprised myself with my potential new career interest… I feel like I’ve come across my dream role!”

I had a message from another course participant:

“The confidence week certainly helped me a lot. And suddenly I am talking with a client about flying to Miami for meetings after essentially being a SAHM for two years!! It’s astounding how I felt so lost a few weeks ago and suddenly things seem to be moving again”.

This course is creative, practical and packed with exercises, tips and advice – from me and a load of other freelancers and entrepreneurs…


“Annie, this module has made me so excited! Thank you for asking all the right questions – it’s left me feeling confident and not at all rushed to make decisions. Rather, it has reoriented me back to the ‘why’ instead of the ‘what’ of starting a business.” Elizabeth H

Here’s the course outline

Module 1: What should my freelance work or business be?

You may have a job that translates easily into freelance work, or skills that can be turned into an online business (courses or workshops, a product shop). Perhaps you’re keen to try something completely new. Either way, we’ll take a look at your deep-rooted passions, skills and experience and through a combination of practical and creative exercises, you’ll end up with a clear idea about what the focus of your work should be. There are tips from Cleo Walters (House of Cleo), Emma Merry (HomeMilk) and business coach extraordinaire Suzy Ashworth.

Module 2: Finding the confidence to make the leap

Now clearer on what your freelance work or online business will focus on, it’s time to muster the confidence within yourself to believe that this can – and will – happen. With an exercise from business coach Nicky Raby, plus tips and advice from seasoned freelancers and entrepreneurs (inc. Steph Douglas, founder of Don’t Buy Her Flowers, freelance guru Frankie Tortora of Doing it for the Kids and author Elizabeth Day), you’ll soon be brimming with confidence and self-esteem. It’s all about mindset.

Module 3: Making it pay – short-term and long-term

It’s time to get practical because while becoming self-employed is great, without the monthly paycheque landing in your bank account each month, you’ll need to know that you can still cover the bills. We’ll discuss the various options for earning while you set-up-shop, how to work out what to charge for your product or service – with guidance from an accountant. Plus a foolproof spreadsheet for ensuring all costs have been considered, tips from freelance journalist and podcaster Robyn Wilder and a great exercise from life coach Holly June Smith.

Module 4: Getting started

Now that you’ve decided what your freelance work is going to be, you have the confidence to ‘make the leap’ and you’ve done your financial planning – what’s next? In this module, I’ll walk you through the necessary steps for setting up as a freelancer or limited company, including: registering as self-employed, building a website, branding, social media, making contacts, spreading the word, childcare – and more. With legal advice from Ingrid Fernandez.

“I’m so sad that this wonderful course has come to an end. I have absolutely loved doing it, it couldn’t have come at a better time for me! I have also loved feeling like I’m part of something, the Facebook group is fantastic for networking and sharing ideas.”Catherine Hemming

“I’ve been ridiculously emotional since the lightbulb moment, as I can’t believe working for myself from home could actually become a reality. The BYOB course has been exactly what I needed to guide me in the right direction at this point in my life. Thank you!”Suzy S

The details

  • Online course, start as soon as you’re ready and work at your own pace.
  • You’ll be given access to exercises, advice, tips – and set tasks. You access this whenever you like (you don’t have to sign in at a particular time). 
  • You’ll have free access to my closed Facebook group, where you can network with other freelancers and business owners, and get exclusive tips and advice.
  • You’ll have access to this course for one year, so you can keep dipping in and out, as you like, during that period.