How to launch a successful online course

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From Annie Ridout – author of The Freelance Mum and journalist (Guardian, Forbes, Grazia, Telegraph)

This online course is a step-by-step guide for turning your existing skills and knowledge into a fully functioning online course. So if you love the idea of creating a course that you can sell again and again – sign up now. Soon, you could literally be earning while you sleep…

How to launch a successful online course

This online course will help you to come up with your course idea, or fine-tune an existing one. It will help you structure your learning materials with video and text, and teach you where and how to host your course, price it up, market it and sell spaces.

And you’ll have access to my closed group for continued support and to get feedback on your ideas from a supportive community of like-minded people. I’ll also be there to offer tips and set challenges to push you towards your goals.

Tell me more about the course

"Annie, I took your course course … opened doors last night and have £3000 worth of course sales so far. Just wanted to say thanks for the encouragement! Courses are amazing!” Laura Evans [two days later, it was £7000]

"I loved your course and it was just what I needed to push through my doubts… I’ve made back the course fee in double within the first two days and already planning the next one!" Natalie Costa

Here's the course outline...

let’s make it happen

Module 1

What should my course be about?

You probably have an idea about the kind of course you’d like to design but before you get started, there are some important considerations, such as:

  • What experience do you need in order to offer this course?
  • Why you should be going niche.
  • What should it be called? People often get this wrong. (We’ll look at SEO and course names that lead to sales)

Module 2

Write the course and structure the learning materials

How will you put your course together?

This module will cover structure, length (word count), words / video / imagery and how you can include exercises to get course participants engaged.

My course structure has proven very popular with my students and keeps them coming back for more. I’ll share my formula with you.

And I’ll show you the various options: whether you want to provide feedback to your course participants and charge more, or whether you’d like it to be a self-paced course that people can complete in their own time.

There’s also a downloadable work plan to keep you on track and help you make your course happen.

Module 3

Where and how should I host my online course?

Sometimes the technical side can be overwhelming.

I will show you a straightforward and FREE way to launch your course, so you can test things out before you go ‘all in’.

But if you want to go further - to host and sell your course/s on your own website - I explain how to do that too.

Then it’s deciding a price; price point can make a big difference when it comes to selling your course. We’ll look at the options.

Next, how you’ll collect the course fees and the legal stuff: T&Cs, privacy policies. This is really important but not as complicated as you might think.

Module 4

How do I sell spaces?

My very first course sold out in a couple of days.

I’ll walk you through the strategies I used to make that happen.

We’ll cover:

  • Timing the launch
  • Your sales landing page
  • Using social media to sell spaces
  • PR tips
  • Repeat custom

PLUS: there are exercises at the end of every module to help push you forward and make your course happen

"I’ve sold nearly 100 spaces on my course. Your weekly nudge on getting tasks done on the Facebook group was all the push I needed. Also, the motivation from all the other women – their drive and passion towards their individual projects was everything! I just didn’t want to fail and you took that burden off me! Your tips and tricks – EPIC! Thank you! Thank you! I feel empowered." April Laugh

The details

  • You can start whenever you’re ready.
  • It covers 16 topics.
  • Course materials in text and audio format.
  • There are exercises, advice and tips that you can access whenever you like and work on at your own pace.
  • There are three downloadable work schedules. Whether you have eight hours a day, three hours or half an hour, these guides will tell you exactly what you need to do each day to get your course ready to launch.
  • You’ll have free access to my closed group where you can network with other inspiring and supportive freelancers and business owners, and get exclusive tips and advice.
  • You’ll have access to this course for one year, so you can keep dipping in and out, as you like, during that period

"Thank you Annie for the ‘creating your online course’ course. I have done other courses that have covered online course creation, but none like yours. I love the clarity in your courses and easy to implement exercises." Sam James