Move with the times: how to keep growing your business through a recession

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You might have noticed a drop in sales, or lower engagement on social media. Perhaps you feel panicked about charging for your product or service. But people still want what you sell. It just needs to be packaged differently. This course will teach you how to adapt your product or business model to fit these turbulent times and make you feel motivated, inspired and clear on how to keep going with – and growing – your business.

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If you’ve noticed a shift in your customers/clients – perhaps that product or service that always sells out suddenly isn’t, or the programme you launch at this time every year, with huge success, just isn’t getting sign ups… you need to change things up. Move with the times.

How do I know this? Because I’m still selling courses and getting one-to-one clients sign up for coaching and consultancy. In fact, my coaching clients are signing up for more and more, once our sessions end. But I’ve had to adapt what I’m offering, to suit my customers’ and clients’ current needs.

This online course will help you to:

  1. Do some fun market research to engage with your customers. You need to know how they’re feeling, where they’re hanging out (online) and what they’re spending money on. I’ll show you how to do this without being annoying. In fact, they probably won’t even realise you’re doing it.
  2. Once you’ve garnered this information, we’ll talk about how to design a new offer that will appeal to your people in these times. It doesn’t necessarily mean designing something entirely new – it’s about being innovative with your current products/services.
  3. There’s something you can be doing that will help you to build a loyal, excited, grateful customer and client-base for years to come. I’m going to teach you what it is.

Since launching this business in 2019, I’ve had thousands of women join my online courses and over 70% go on to buy second courses – many buy third, fourth and fifth courses. Some women but every single course I put in my shop.

Why? Because I move with the times, check in with my community and make sure that what I’m offering is what they need right now. That’s how I managed to ride the pandemic, providing for my family of five, on this business alone.

This course will help you to move with the times – and not just the current looming recession, but any future economic/world shifts. You can keep coming back to it for years to come (and women do that with my others courses – they are still using those 2019 courses now, in 2022).

Ready to get stuck in and feel excited about your business again?

Join me.


  • There are three workshops
  • You’ll get access to one a week, on Mondays at 9am
  • But you can work on them in your own time, around other responsibilities
  • You can watch the videos, listen to the audio or read the script below the video
  • This is a self-paced course but I always love hearing from course participants

About Annie Ridout, course leader

I’m Annie Ridout – journalist (GuardianForbesTelegraphRed etc), author (The Freelance Mum and Shy), certified coach and founder of The Robora.

And I’ve sold over 2000 online courses in the past three years.

As well as hosting a podcast that is regularly in Apple ‘top 10’ under entrepreneurship.

And regularly speaking on BBC radio and being invited to sit on live panel talks.

Many of the women who’ve signed up to my courses come back for a second, third and even fourth.

I’ve also self-published a poetry book and sold out (300 copies).

And the non-fiction books I’ve had published have sold thousands of copies globally.

Obviously the product matters, but so does the way you sell it.

I’m here to help you (re)find your customers, design messaging that feels good for you and your brand right now and to build a community of people you can keep selling to.