Using Instagram for business (and brand-building)

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Keen to use Instagram for business? This course will teach you how to use Instagram to build your brand, grow a niche following, get more followers. It covers: what content you should put out – and when – Instagram Stories, ideas for what to post, selling stuff on Instagram, how to turn your captions into actual stories that will engage people and the visual side of it…


This online course will teach you about...

Using Instagram for business and to grow your brand

(It's one of our favourite marketing tools - for spreading the word about who we are and what we do, and for selling our courses)

Here's the course outline


Module 1

Why use Instagram for business at all?

This module is about the difference between a business and a brand, and how you can use Instagram to develop both.

There's an exercise to get you clear on how you want to make people feel when they visit your Instagram profile.

Module 2

Nailing your niche

Within your industry, it's great to have a specific area of expertise/talent. Because when you're really clear on this, others instantly know how you can help them.
This module gets you thinking about what your niche is and who your ideal customers/clients are. Everything you do should appeal to them, because then they'll be more open to buying from you.

Module 3

Setting up your business account

Instagram's a visual platform. So, how can you design a feed that looks appealing, fits with your branding and grabs the attention of your ideal customers/clients?

Also, what should you use for your Instagram handle? Should it be your personal name, or the name of your business?

And what should you write in your bio? Emojis or no emojis? Hashtags or not?


Module 4

Content ideas

So, what should you actually post about?
We cover how to write captivating captions - including a story-telling structure so that your followers read your posts like mini stories.
We also share a load of content prompts to get you started, give you ideas for upping your engagement and cover Reels and hashtags.

Module 5

When to post on Instagram

Should you be posting every day? Twice a day? Or going for a more 'intuitive' approach (posting when you feel inspired). Does consistency matter, and why? And what days/times are best for engagement? Plus, should you schedule posts in advance? And if so, how?

Module 6

Instagram Stories

We cover: what Instagram Stories are for, and how to get it right. Also: how to do the visual side, captions, and create and record 'highlights'. Plus using polls for engagement.

ig stories

Module 7

IGTV and IG Lives

People love video. It's easy and engaging. Especially if you add captions. We teach you the difference between IGTV and IG Lives, how to do each, and which one to go for, depending on your character-type.

Module 8

Getting followers

The question everyone starting out on Instagram wants the answer to: but HOW do I get more followers?

We're all about the slow and steady Instagram growth - no silly tricks; but plenty of clever ones.


Module 9

Selling stuff

We'll teach you how to turn your 'sales' posts into stories that people will actually want to read and engage with. Plus, preparing people for your upcoming product launch, using Stories for selling, sharing your wins and how often you can get away with 'sales' posts on Instagram.

Module 10


Your Instagram statistics will tell you who's following you, which of your posts are resonating most with people and so what you should do more (and less) of. We'll look at reading the insights - and what to do with it all.

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What are past customers saying?


"The course is super simple and actionable, it's exactly what I was looking for. Big thumbs up from me!" Zandra Spencer @birthstoriesretold

sarah hooper

"Saw the course and thought bargain!! Have already made a couple of changes to my Instagram bio thanks to advice in the course" [an hour after signing up] Sarah Hooper

eleanor doula

"What I love is that I could start it whilst lying in bed with my daughter waiting for her to sleep last night! Very simple but doable and although I'm only on module 2, I already have new ideas flitting about" @eleanorthedoula

A couple of other things you might like to know

You can start this course immediately.

​There are exercises, advice and tips that you can access whenever you like and work on at your own pace.

You’ll have access to this course for one year, so you can keep dipping in and out, during that period.

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