Raise your SQ (and transform your work-life)

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This programme is about how raising your SQ (spiritual intelligence) can transform your work-life.

We’ll go into the origins of ancient practices like tarot, prayer, affirmation. And then look at how to apply them in the modern world, incorporating them into your daily life.

For instance, using tarot cards for decision-making, superstition and intuition to guide you and creating a daily SQ routine that works for you.

I’m here as a qualified coach to help you work out what the ideal work-life looks like and then support you as you create your own spiritual toolkit to take forward with you.

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What is SQ?

We all know about IQ as a measure of intelligence. Some will have heard of EQ (emotional quotient). But the new intelligence metric is SQ: spiritual intelligence. This is a measure of how spiritually connected you are. And it’s what some of the world’s most successful business leaders use to up their game. I’m talking Oprah Winfrey, Arianna Huffington, Brené Brown. 

This is, in fact, becoming so well acknowledged in the upper echelons of the business world, that people are now building careers around the very idea that connecting with yourself on a spiritual level is what will enable you to achieve great success in life. We are learning about the importance of an open mind, and a connection to something bigger than ourselves.  

My new programme – Raise your SQ – is about bring the ‘woo’ into the workplace (raising your SQ; using it in business). I will explain what it means to be spiritually intelligent, briefly share the origins of ancient spiritual practices that we still use today (for instance: tarot, mantras, affirmations and prayer, intuition) and offer tools for incorporating spiritual practices into your own work-life. 

As a qualified coach, I’ll be offering coaching exercises that will help you to work out how you’d like your work-life (and home-life) to look, and then giving you the tools – both traditional coaching and SQ – to make it happen. But this isn’t just a seven-week course that ends and you return to life as it was before; this is transformational. It’s about learning a new approach to working that will feel exciting, magical, creative and so much more focused.

This programme will tie together all the secret practices the world’s most successful CEOs and entrepreneurs use to elevate their success but also find a better work-life balance. After all, ‘success’ isn’t just financial; it’s about achieving a life that brings joy, too. A recent report by Global Future revealed that a whopping 87% of us are looking for more meaning and purpose at work – this programme will help you to achieve that.

“I love this ‘woo in the workplace’ idea – and magazines like Grazia will too. ‘SQ’ could be a great new talking point.” Rosamund Dean, Grazia contributing editor

“I love this idea! Woo in the workplace will usher in a new era where business is done on different terms, meeting needs from diverse cultures on what purpose at work means to them.” Sharmadean Reid, founder of The Stack World

Why am I the right person to offer this?

Because by raising my own SQ, I’ve managed to secure two book deals, commissions from the Guardian, Grazia, Telegraph, Stylist and more. I’ve spoken on Woman’s Hour and sat alongside celebrities on live panels. I grew my online business platform The Robora to a six-figure business from scratch, in a year, while raising three children (now aged seven, four and two) and in the middle of the pandemic. And as a qualified coach, I sign up coaching clients whenever I open new spaces. I lead a fulfilling, exciting life – and this is, in part, down to the spiritual practices I incorporate into my every working day. Now, I’m ready to share them with others.

I wrote about spirituality in business for Forbes. It’s the first article that comes up if you Google ‘spiritual practices for business’.

And I recorded a podcast episode about ‘woo in the workplace’, which was very popular amongst my online business community. 

Raise your SQ modules:

  1. Intro: what is SQ?
  2. Design your dream life.
  3. Your daily SQ routine (including: design your shrine).
  4. Using tarot and oracle cards for decision-making.
  5. Mantras, affirmation, prayer and magic spells.
  6. Following your intuition and being open to superstition.
  7. Using SQ to boost your confidence at work.

How does it work?

  • Start date: July 18th 2022.
  • Each Monday, at 9am, you’ll gain access to a new module.
  • You can watch the videos, listen to the audio while on the move or read the scripts, which will be shared below the video.
  • This is a seven-week, self-paced online programme.
  • Access all lessons in your own time.
  • You’ll have this programme in your account for one year (and I’ll extend access beyond that, if you would like).
  • My emails are open, during office hours (10am-3pm) for the duration of the programme, if you’d like to share what’s coming up for you.