Rise (the marketing course)

£ 500.00

Marketing is changing. And we need to change with it. Fortunately, the changes are exciting.

Now, it’s all about designing a marketing strategy that feels fun, creative and aligned with your values.

And that’s what this five-week programme will help you to do.

Through online video workshops, you’ll learn how to improve your customer journey, sales and PR approach.

Perfect for women keen to learn new business skills and then launch a programme or collection.

Start date: Monday 19th September. 


Marketing is changing.

We don’t want three tips for this, that and the other.

People want to get to know you. The woman behind the brand.

They want to feel moved, excited, lifted.

So while the fact remains the same – if you want to rise, you need to become more visible, and to do that, you need a marketing strategy…

That might look like different from the strategies of old.

It should be fun. And suited to your personality. And all with a very clear aim: to help you, and your work, reach more people.

Through RISE, I’ll get you dreaming, planning and starting to work on your RISE.


  1. Guided research (we’ll look to who’s doing it really well, and who inspires you).
  2. What you’re selling (following the ‘Five Ps’ – product, price, people, promotion, place).
  3. Social media (and using it as you, rather than someone you’re being told to be).
  4. PR (including: getting featured in your dream publications, radio, podcasts, panels).
  5. Blog/podcast (one or the other. I’ll teach you about both).

This is a five-week programme, starting 19th September.

What’s included?

  • Five video workshops to access in your own time, released one a week (worth £500+).
  • You can watch, listen or read, as I include a script of the video.
  • BONUS: three extra online courses – email marketing, the art of selling and how to launch a successful online course worth £900.

Who’s it for?

Women who want to RISE. To be seen. To be heard. To know their voice matters. And that people are listening. To feel relevant. And like the ‘go-to’ person in their industry. But in a way that feels comfortable and exciting, not cringey and awkward. Shy and introverted women very welcome.

It could also be used to design your own online course, programme or collection, and a marketing strategy to launch it. You could spend the duration of the programme getting clear on your offering, who it’s for, we’ll look at how you can reach them (PR, social media, podcast/blog) and then you could launch in November. And you’ll still have a whole load of new marketing knowledge to apply to your business longterm, too.


19th Sept 2022: Access to first video workshop with fun, inspiring, creative homework to complete in your own time (and around other responsibilities).

26th Sept: Product week. Getting clear on what you’re selling, and who you’re selling it to. Lessons in a video workshop (access whenever you like).

3rd October: Social media. Love it or hate it, it can be a really useful tool for finding the right audience/customers/clients. And, believe it or not, you don’t have to do cheesy Reels in order to reach them. I don’t, I share screenshots of Tweets, and my engagement is going UP not down.

10th October: PR. A lesson in writing up your PR story and pitching it out to press.

17th October: Podcast/blog. Both can be amazing for helping your people to get to know you better, on a regular basis. Depending on your time constraints and comfort zone, one might suit you more than the other. But you could also do both. I’ll teach you about SEO, what to talk/write about and why these are such powerful marketing tools.

Why me?

Before I had my first baby, I worked in marketing, as a copywriter for a film company. I was writing emails that went out to hundreds of thousands of subscribers. It was a properly corporate set-up and taught me about how the ‘big dogs’ do things.

Then I took that knowledge and applied to to my own business. First up, a digital parenting platform called The Early Hour that was reaching 100,000 parents a month at its height. Then this platform, The Robora.

We’ve had thousands of women join our courses over the past three years and during the pandemic, my family of five was supported by this business alone. I love working out how to market the business in a way that feels exciting and ‘high vibe’ rather than pushy.

Alongside The Robora, I’m a freelance journalist and I write for the Guardian and Observer, the Telegraph, Red Magazine, the Independent and more publications regularly. I know the secret to a perfect pitch, which is why I get these commissions.

And I am also a published author. I’ve written two books – The Freelance Mum and Shy, which have led to panel talks at literary events, local events, Stylist Live and speaking on BBC radio. I’ll tell you all about how to pitch for these things too.

Lastly, I’m a qualified coach and I’m here to support you with any blockages and mindset issues you may be experiencing, in terms of marketing. I’m particularly experienced in shyness (having written the book on it) and helping shy women to embrace this part of their personality.

Current and past clients are saying…

“I loved your course and it was just what I needed to push through my doubts… I’ve made back the course fee in double within the first two days and already planning the next one!” Natalie 

“I’ve taken about 55% of what I’ve learnt so far and applied it, and in the last two months, I’ve had the best two months of online sales in my business to date” Josie 

“Soooooo – good news. I pitched ‘my story’ to BBC and they are looking to feature it with testimonials from my clients and a word from me. My mind is literally LIT right now to share ‘my story’ with the world. It’s given me a confidence boost.” April Laugh

“I sold 44 spaces on the first weekend of putting my course on sale. I found the information to be incredibly valuable and it was really easy then to go and implement it myself.” Lucy