Woo Booth

£ 300.00

Welcome to the Woo Booth.

A magical online space for spiritual readings (from a certified coach).

Bring a work/life question or challenge and get a same-day response from me, Annie Ridout – coach, business consultant and reiki healer, using spiritual (SQ) tools to help you find answers and solve dilemmas.

It’s a bit like a coaching ‘power hour’ except it’s all online and totally flexible, so you can step into the Woo Booth from anywhere, at any time (without having to make an appointment).


Welcome to the Woo Booth.

A gentle digital space offering a spiritual reading, grounded in coaching.

Here’s how it works –

You come to me with a challenge you’re facing.

This could be something broad like ‘I don’t know if I’m in the right job’, or ‘can I turn my hobby into a business?’ – or something really specific, like: ‘what should I charge for my product?’.

And I’ll use my spiritual toolkit – alongside my coaching expertise – to help you to answer or solve it.

What you’ll get:

  1. A tarot reading
  2. A magic spell
  3. A deity to focus on as you say your spell

And guidance for using all of the above.

I’ll share my (coaching) thoughts on the challenge you’re sharing and offer further questions and prompts.

Once you’ve absorbed all of the above, you can let me know how you’re feeling, and I’ll invite you to set yourself some manageable goals, to help you move forward.

I’ll be available, via email, to support you for one week, after the initial reading.

It’s simple. Magical. And the reading will be delivered straight to your inbox via a personalised video and text response, an image of your tarot cards and further goal-setting via email.

I’d love to support you.

Annie x

Current and past clients are saying…

Thank you so much for your reply and the questions you posed. It’s amazing to have an outside perspective on the things I’m experiencing and feeling. Someone interested only in my side, asking me what I think and what I want. I’m really not sure if I’ve EVER had that. It is really valuable, and discreet in email form. So thank you, for creating this space, for reflecting things back to me, and for asking the things I didn’t know I needed to ask myself.

I can’t thank you enough for these comments. I really didn’t know what to expect from ’email coaching’. I’ve followed you for a couple of years and love your work, your style, courses and basically you (fangirl I guess); but I would have felt unable to ‘hire’ you as a 1-1 coach at this time in my life. So I honestly wondered if this would be less… personal I suppose. I just want to say off the bat I couldn’t have been more wrong. Your reply made me cry before paragraph three.

Having Annie as my coach has brought me multiple benefits. She is there to not only talk about my business challenges but also understand the constant conflict of balance as a new mother. No topic is off discussion with Annie and I always come away feeling lighter and focused with a clear path forward.”