Shy and introverted women in business

I used to think there was something wrong with me.

While I loved socialising, I needed time alone to recharge.

So group holidays were a challenge, as I was expected to be around people constantly.

Now, I love to chat. But I also love silence. Peace. Thinking space.

Because I’m an introvert. I’m also sometimes shy. And I’m also sociable.

Those things can co-exist.

In business, we cater to extroverted, outgoing personalities.

Team work, group work, presentations, introducing yourself in front of a group.

Great for extroverts; less so for shy people and introverts.

Now, having studied shyness extensively for my book, Shy –

published last year –

I understand that quiet women don’t need to get louder.

Instead, they need to find an environment that they feel comfortable in.

With coaching, this may mean one-to-one instead of group coaching.

And often, online work over ‘IRL’.

My new coaching programme, REVIVE, welcomes the shy ones, the introverts, the quiet ones.

The freelance and business women who like to go at it alone (mostly).

Who get their heads down and get on with it.

But who sometimes need a trained coach to ask questions to.

This is for women, like me, who want to connect with others in their own time.

Not logging into group coaching at a specified time.

Instead, having the option to email their business coach whenever they need.

For women who want to feel wholly accepted, exactly as they are.

Who don’t want to intro themselves awkwardly in a group dynamic or feel any pressure to ‘perform’.

Because you don’t need to change.

You don’t need to be louder, more outgoing or extroverted.

You need to be understood.

I see you, hear you and understand you.

Because I’m one of you.

Join REVIVE today, and you’ll benefit from a big early bird discount.

The six-week programme includes weekly video coaching workshops

(access in your own time)

and email coaching from me whenever you need

(office hours are 10am-3pm, week days).

All for the cost of one coaching call with me (£300).

Annie x