Slow down to move forward in your business

What’s the rush? We’re in business for the long run and taking a break is the best way to preserve your energy so you can do that.

There’s a tendency to think that the only way to succeed in business is to GRAFT.


But do you ever think:

Why am I doing this?

What’s it all for?

Do I need to work this much?

A lot of us are wrestling with these questions, especially now that it’s summer.

Perhaps we’re hoping to take some time away from social media – and general work – and switch off.

But then work, for some of us, can be an escape.

Or perhaps your business has been hit hard by the pandemic and is just picking up again.

And this makes it hard to take time away from it.

Add to this the fact that women seem to hold guilt about both working too much AND not enough.

But if you feel able to shut the laptop and spend some time finding inspiration in nature, books, family and friends – the likelihood is that you’ll come back feeling replenished.

Who is joining us by taking some time out this summer?