Stop panicking about your business and get creative

If your business is floundering during this strange period, here are some ideas for moving from panic-mode to innovation. It’s time to get creative…

We’re all, understandably, feeling a little on-edge right now.

If our business is being negatively impacted by C-19, we’re wondering when it will pick up again.

If it’s suddenly thriving, perhaps there’s some guilt (‘Am I cashing in on other people’s misfortune?’).

Firstly, if you’re in the latter camp: YES for you. This is brilliant. None of you deserve to lose custom right now and if you’re protected because the service/product you’re selling is in demand – own that. Go with it, drop the guilt and enjoy the cha-ching of the tills.

If you’re not flourishing, please don’t think that this signals the end. It means it’s time to get creative; to innovate.

Is there a creative project you’ve had in mind for years but never got round to?

Start it. I know, it won’t bring in money but it will give you some time away from the panic. Worrying doesn’t tend to lead to innovation, but creativity does.

So give it a go, with no intention other than enjoying yourself, and who knows what ideas it might lead to…

If you don’t have an idea for a creative project, start a journal. Write some notes each day on how you’re feeling. Put it on paper so that it leaves your head, freeing up space for the good stuff.

Or get some lovely crayons, colouring pencils, felt tips and draw. Draw where you’d like to be right now. (For me it would definitely involve palm trees). 

When we give our minds some downtime, it’s amazing what can happen. Spending two days with my three kids at home while trying to work has reminded me of the importance of…

1. Making sure my husband looks after them while I’m working – which means going to work in another room.

2. The fact that I can’t come up with new ideas when they’re shouting in my face. I need a few moments alone in my room, or to go for a walk. Then the ideas come.

Basically, when I remove myself from the panic and chaos, I find myself coming up with ideas for Instagram posts or a new way to sell my courses.

So to innovate, and to continue growing my business during this period, I need: quiet time, on my own (even just five minutes, twice a day) and to get creative.

Read a novel, write in a journal, draw, paint, dance, do yoga. dig some mud in the garden. Anything that isn’t reading the news. 

How are you getting on?

Annie x