Take a breath and realign

What happens when you slow down and why is it important?

Did you know that slowing down can actually make you more productive?

It sounds counter-intuitive, after all – surely all successful entrepreneurs just work round the clock?

Well, actually, that’s not true.

Many of the top business leaders, like Arianna Huffington, make sure they get eight hours’ sleep a night.

Others nap. Take regular breaks. Have holidays. Switch off their mobiles at night. Don’t respond to emails outside of working hours.


Because it gives you space to think.

To rest.

To be creative and find new inspiration.

Less GO GO GO.

And more time for reflection.

Also, more time for looking after yourself – body and mind.

When everything is cluttered and chaotic you feel tired, overwhelmed, drained and negative.

And so here are five ways you can slow things down:

– Leave your mobile outside of the bedroom.
– Incorporate 20 minutes of exercise into your day.
– Use Wunderlist to create an online space for your ‘to do’ list.
– Commit to reading a novel – even just one page – before bed every night.
– Practice gratitude.

Do any of these appeal to you?