The Online Business: Robyn Silverton, The Holistic Shift

“Connection is at the heart of all I do and enjoy.” says Robyn Silverton. A chartered physiotherapist, Robyn talks about her typical workdays, teaching online and staying connected…

With a background as a chartered physiotherapist, Robyn has a foundation in the science of the human body, which served as a vital launchpad for all the holistic disciplines she has gone on to explore. Having had serious health issues herself, she truly gets what it is like to want to feel better. 

What time do you wake up in the morning?
It varies – 7 am in spring /summer and 7.30 am in autumn/winter by choice.

What’s the first thing you do?
Do six rounds of belly breathing and stretch.

When’s breakfast?
About 8.30 am.

What time do you start work?
9 am.

Where do you work from (home, studio, office etc)?
Mostly home.

Tell us about the work you do, including the online side of it…
With my background is as a physiotherapist, I’ve specialised in holistic health for the last 20 years. I’m also a yoga teacher and co-wrote a book called the Calm Choice. This year I launched my first course – ‘Mastering Stress’ having taken Annie’s course.

Do you break for lunch – and if yes, what’s on the menu?
Definitely stop for lunch, sandwich, soup or salad are the regulars.

How do you lift yourself from the afternoon slump?
A walk, a TED talk or a podcast.

Do you incorporate exercise into your workday?
Stretch first thing, yoga twice a week and daily walks.

Where do you go for inspiration?
A whole host of places, TED talks, Do Lectures, Creative mornings, music.

What tech could you not live without?
Zoom has allowed me to become an online teacher and therapist, so it is pretty important to my work. Whatsapp keeps me easily connected to groups which I love, as connection is at the heart of all I do/enjoy.

Finish this sentence: The Internet is…
a wonderful way to share our internet to life.

What time do you finish for the day?
Ideally around 5.30 pm.

Are the evenings for rest, work or play?
Rest and play.

What are you reading/watching at the moment? How do you switch off from work nowadays?
Reading Phosphorescence: on awe, wonder and things that sustain you by Julia Baird. Netflix, cooking, yin yoga and baths when all else fails.

Screens in the bedroom, or banned?

How do you sleep?
Love sleep, it comes pretty easily most of the time.

Finish this sentence: This time next year, I’ll be…
Still exploring how to live and work from inside out.


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