The power of an email list

I was so excited when I discovered you can make good money from your email list.

People had mentioned the value of a mailing list, but it had never quite clicked.

Until the money started coming in.

You could be earning good money from your mailing list too.

And the great news is this:

If you use Facebook and Instagram ads in the way I’ve described in the past few posts, you can build your email list at the same time as making sales.

And if you look after your subscribers – sending them emails they’re actually interested in (not just bombarding them with boring sales pitches) – they’ll stick around.

You’re developing a relationship.

Then, when you do have the occasional thing to sell, your subscribers won’t mind. They’ll probably be up for it.

How do you grow an email list?

Well, you get them to sign up for a free video workshop (like the one I have linked to in my bio).

People come from your social media ad, looking to watch your special free video.

But before they get to the video, you ask for a little commitment from them: their email address.

That email address is golden: you can now get your emails to land directly in their inbox.

And if you do as I mentioned above – send tips and advice as well as your ‘sales’ emails – you should be making an average of £1 per email subscriber per month.

It’s easy maths: 2000 subscribers should average £2000 per month and so on.

We have a whole module on how to get the best out of your emails in our ‘Sell more spaces on your online course’ course.

Sign up to the free video workshop in my bio to find out more about our sales strategy.

Annie x