A process for moving through panic

I’m having a funny few weeks, as we have some big changes ahead and sometimes, it all feels too much.

(Especially when teamed with wild hormones. I did a podcast episode about this and The Robora podcast shot up into top 100 in UK. It seems ‘periods’ are a hot topic).

So below, in ‘wellbeing’, I’ve shared a method for dealing with overwhelm.

Along with some other business, creativity, woo and self-development recommendations.


Love, Annie x

I was having a week of overwhelm. So I closed my laptop, pulled out a notepad and listed everything I’m finding difficult. All the big feelings. And on another page, I listed how I want to be feeling, and what I’d like to be working towards (eg. ‘clarity’, ‘feeling safe’). It really does help to get it down on paper…

This week, I’m loving marketing consultant Julia Wetzel’s emails. She’s been sharing consumer trends from 2021, and how you can leverage ideas for new campaigns – based on things like the way people are exercising, and the age group that is likely to invest the most in a product.

Most of us spend way too much time tapping into our phones and laptops. And it really is so good to get away from the screen each day. So why not set yourself a challenge: five minutes a day sketching flowers or collecting bits from nature to create an autumn wreath for the front door.

Something I like to do when I’m feeling panicked or confused about next steps is to…

1. List of a bunch of things I’m grateful for, in my life. To remind myself that it’s not all bad; in fact, it’s mostly very good. And then…

2. Work on manifesting a few new things (and this can be feelings). Here’s a podcast to try, if you would like to learn more about manifesting and the law of attraction.

Here are some coaching questions for you to ponder:

How are you feeling today, in your body?
How are you feeling about where you’re at work-wise?
What one thing would really improve this week for you?
What do you need to do, to make sure that happens?