The Success Timeline

I went through a life transition at the end of last year; leaving London for Somerset.

This involved homeschooling my kids and sidelining my career, temporarily.

Three months later, settled into our new home, I was ready to work.

But I couldn’t focus.

I no longer felt clear on my path.

At times like this, doubt can creep in:

Am I actually good at running a business?

Is this what I’m meant to be doing?

Should I study something new?

When I’m getting lost in doubt and need to snap back into action, I like to do The Success Timeline.

This is a coaching exercise designed to give you a well-deserved confidence boost.

And it’s really simple.

The Success Timeline

Get a pen and paper.

Now, go back as far as you can remember and list everything you’ve ‘succeeded’ at.

This can include childhood, teen years, early adulthood and all the way up to where you are now.

You might be surprised at how much you’ve achieved.

And it doesn’t need to be just school/work achievements – think about friendships too, relationships, family, community.

Think about the adventures you’ve had.

Health and fitness.

Write it all down and whenever you feel yourself wobble and wonder if you’re capable, return to this list.

Remind yourself that you are very much capable.

You have achieved so much.