The truth about creating an online course (the highs, the lows)

Having an online course launched and selling is wonderful. But the process of creating it – and building a marketing strategy to sell spaces – comes with its challenges…

So, if you’ve ever wanted to create a course – or have started and stopped (or done it and launched), you’ll be familiar with the following…

1. Getting started. I could do, or…. I could make another cup of tea. Then watch Netflix. Then procrastinate in 3000 other ways.

2. Working on it. My course is AMAZING. My course is UTTER SHITE. My course will SELL LOADS. No one will ever buy my course.

3. Once launched. I’ve sold one space, we’re off! Oh, I only sold one space. Where did I go wrong? I sold 10! Soon I’ll be a millionaire. I didn’t sell another one after that.

The course creation process goes up and down. It can be a bit of a rollercoaster.

I’ve created a fair few courses now, but I still feel my confidence dip as I write it, thinking:

Does anyone care?
Does this make sense?
Will anyone buy it?

And it’s only once they do, and tell me they like it, that my confidence fully returns.

It’s the same for Rich.

So in this podcast episode, we discuss the truth about creating a course.

We talk about common challenges (see three points above) and how to overcome them.

There are tips for breaking down the process, creating a manageable routine and getting your course in front of potential customers.

So lot of tips. 

And a rather fabulous limited time offer.

Annie x