This is what I did to make £16,000 in five days

Once my online courses were selling well, I started thinking about where I could take the business next.

It made sense that the next step up was to do more one-to-one work.

So I designed a consultancy package that would cost £1200 for four months (£1000 if you paid up-front).

This launched in early March. And within five days, I’d sold 15 spaces.

A grand total of £16,000.

And a few weeks later, we were in lockdown.

So like the rest of the world, I was in panic mode.

But our online business was thriving.

What had happened is that I’d created a relationship with people who’d taken my courses.

They’d signed up to a course, learned online business skills, and wanted more.

And so when I said: would you like to work with me one-to-one?

A bunch of them said YES PLEASE and signed up.

I now want to show you exactly how this all works: going from an online course to more one-to-one work (ie. the higher-paying clients).

Because it’s bloody simple… when you know how.

So Rich and I have created a FREE video workshop, walking you through it.

You can sign up via the link in my bio.

Let me know what you think.

And any questions, just fire them over.

I look forward to hearing that you, too, are signing up a whole load of clients in one go and securing a nice chunk of your yearly income up-front.

Love, Annie x