Three tips for hiring freelancers for your business

No one can do everything within a business well. If you’ve realised this and you’re not quite ready for permanent employees but would like some freelance help, here are three useful tips from Janet Oganah, founder of Janet’s List…

I’m buzzing after a great conversation with Janet Oganah – founder of Janet’s List – about how, why and when she started paying freelancers to help her grow her business.

The Q&A took place in the closed Facebook group for The Robora but here are three tips I’ve pulled out…

Three tips for employing freelancers for your business

1. Don’t negotiate on the freelancer’s fee. Find a way to work together that won’t require them to be paid less than they’re worth (eg. reduce the hours).

2. Hire by project rather than continuously. So think ahead: need a website built in six month’s time? Hire a developer for this period. And have the funds in place before you hire. Save up, if necessary.

3. The person matters more than the area of expertise. You need chemistry and the right energy to work together. And they might end up in a different role to where they begin anyway, especially if they’re at the start of their freelance journey.

And if you’re thinking of launching a pop-up shop – Janet’s area of expertise – check out her online course, teaching you all you need to know.

Annie x