Treat your customers like the ‘new kid’ at school

This week, my two older kids started at a new school.

They’ve been homeschooled the past few months, and we’ve moved from London to Somerset.

So lots of change, and they were pretty nervous about the new school.

My youngest, going into reception, wanted me to hang around awhile at drop-off.

So I did.

But I saw that the longer I stayed, the more upset he became.

Today, I wanted to create a plan for dropping him more quickly.

But I couldn’t work out how to do it without leaving him feeling scared and alone.

However, we arrived and this new teacher was at the door (it’s a job share so we hadn’t met her yet).

She leant down, looked my son right in his eyes, used his name and told him how excited she was to meet him.

Then she whisked him confidently and lovingly off into the classroom.

It was such an amazing approach: so self-assured, so kind.

And I left feeling he was in really good hands.

In business, we want our customers/clients to feel they are in safe hands.

So when I’m coaching clients, I follow up after our calls and and check in.

Because I care about them, and the goals they’ve set for themselves.

Last night, I did a walking coaching session and my client set a goal to do some research before bed.

Today, I messaged and checked how it had gone.

I wanted him to feel that I was holding the space for him last night, and that I’m still here today, checking all’s ok.

How do you make sure your customers/ clients feel they are in safe hands?

Annie x

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