We should all be like slugs, in business

D’you know what’s dominating my life right now?


I see them everywhere.

In my garden, on the street, at other people’s houses.

My kids and I talk a lot about them.

We think they’re a bit gross.

But I decided to look into the spiritual meaning of slugs.

Because I wondered why they kept appearing.

And what I found was rather nice.

First up, we all know slugs move slowly.

Well, this is a GOOD thing.

In business, we should be thinking ‘slow and steady’.

Slugs know about slow and steady.

Thinking before we move.

And then adopting a more consistent pace.

Interesting fact:

Slugs have both feminine and masculine organs, meaning they are hermaphrodites.

In spiritual terms, we might talk about the ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ energies.

Slugs have both.

And so perhaps that’s why sighting a slug is an encouragement to look inwards.

Like slugs, we are all whole – and therefore, we have all the answers within.

Lastly, slugs are there to say:

Do go ahead with your exciting plans, or path.

But stop rushing. Slow down. Take your time.