What is a Facebook pixel? And do I need one?

If you want to advertise on Facebook (which includes Instagram), you will need to set up your Facebook pixel.

The Facebook pixel is basically the name given to the bit of computer code that makes it possible to track the actions that people take on your website.

Within that bit of code, is your unique pixel id number which links to your Facebook ad account.

What ‘actions’ am I talking about? 

An action might simply be a visit to your website. Or it might be when someone ‘adds to cart’, or it could be a ‘purchase’ from your online shop. There are lots of actions you can track.

And why would I want to track them? 

Well, using the examples above: if someone is visiting your website, it means they’re probably interested in what you’re doing, so it makes sense that you send adverts their way.

With your pixel set up, you’ll be able to make your adverts appear in front of those web visitors.

With your pixel set up correctly, if someone makes a purchase, you could choose to show them ads for other products or services you have.

And because they have already purchased from you, they are likely to buy more. These ‘purchase people’ are the easiest group of people to sell to.

If someone ‘adds to cart’ but doesn’t purchase, you might want to show them ads to help remind them how great your product is.

There are many more clever things you can do, but It’s worth setting up your pixel for these reasons alone – showing your products to the people most interested in/most likely to buy your products.