What matters more: product or customer service?

I went for a coffee with my daughter the other day.

At a new coffee shop.

I’d heard the coffee was good.

Turns out, it wasn’t.

But something else caught my attention.

We were stood waiting for the cappuccino to be made.

And this guy comes over.

He goes behind the counter, grabs three small packets of Mentos (sweets) and lays them on the counter.

He says to my daughter: that’s for you, one of each flavour.

She looks up at me, thinking: what is happening here?

And I say: how kind – he’s giving you some sweets.

She is elated and says, as we leave the shop, aren’t they nice in there?

She asks how the coffee is and I tell her it’s ok, not great, but that I was won over by the man, too.

I agree that they were kind.

That coffee cost me £2.20.

Three small packet of sweets must cost him at least 50p.

(In fact, that’s exactly what it costs, I googled it).

He is making so little profit but he made us feel a certain way.

He made us feel warm inside.

And that means we’ll go back, even if the coffee isn’t great.

Obviously an amazing coffee + amazing customer service would be ideal.

But actually, good service can definitely keep customers coming back.

Perhaps I’ll give him some feedback on the coffee.

I bet he’d be open to it.

If the coffee had been bad and he hadn’t been so welcoming, we wouldn’t return.

So in business, you have two chances to woo your customers –

1. Your product
2. How you make them feel

Do you think about how you make your customers or clients feel?