What should you charge for your digital products and client work?

Pricing is a hot topic amongst course creators and consultants and coaches, in terms of what to charge for client work. On the whole, men overcharge and women undercharge. Where do you sit?

Something people often find tricky is pricing up their products and services.

And I used to, as well.

I’d regularly undercharge, because I undervalued my skills and expertise.

So I’ve always said to women I work with that they should decide on a freelance day rate and then double it. And a bit more.

So when I was watching a training video yesterday, and the woman leading it said the same thing, I was pleased.

We are both seeing that women are inclined to go in low, as they think people will back off if they go in ‘too high’.

(Although actually, it’s often the opposite. People back off because it’s too CHEAP and this suggests it’s lower quality).

But Rich has also been training, and his MAN teacher suggests working out your price then halving it.

The idea being that you can then get testimonials, and incrementally increase it.

But still, it’s such an interesting comparison – two similar accelerator programmes; one led by a woman, one by a man. Very different advice.

And, by the way, guess who charged more?

I’ve made ‘pricing’ and ‘money’ the subject of my latest podcast episode.

Because we need to keep these conversations going.

Have a listen, and let me know what you think.