When should you hire staff to help you grow your business?

While you may be able to do lots of different tasks within your business, do you actually want to be doing them? If not, if might be time to think about outsourcing – or hiring staff to help you run and/or grow your business…

Sometimes I think: I’d love a big team of people working for me.

Enough people covering all bases so that I could just write and record.

(Podcasts. My current OBSESSION. I just love recording episodes).

And the business would grow, and it would be amazing.

But then I read a book like Company of One and realise actually, I don’t want that.

I love outsourcing certain jobs: web development, support emails, bookkeeping, accounting, graphic design.

But I have a team of freelancers, rather than PAYE staff.

This means they aren’t entirely reliant on me for work, and this relieves some responsibility.

It means I can take a month off without thinking: what will my employees do while I’m off?

And I’m all about a life of no more responsibility than is absolutely necessary.

With three kids, there’s enough of that already.

Anyway, the ‘when to hire/outsource/delegate’ question is pretty interesting.

And important.

So tomorrow, I’ll be chatting with Janet Oganah of Janet’s List about it.

She was quick to hire (freelancers), where I took longer.

Too long.

So we’ll run through our ideas about when to start bringing in people to help.

Really, we should all be focusing on the areas of our business that we love, and that we’re good at.

For me, that means having help with bookkeeping, web development, support/tech emails.

I love to write, chat, strategise and engage with the community.

How about you: what parts of your business/freelancing do you love doing?

And what would you love to outsource?

If you’re in The Robora Facebook group, join me and Janet tomorrow at midday for our Facebook Live. Anyone who has taken one of our courses or consultancy programmes is welcome to join the group.