Why I don’t work if I’m due on my period

Some weeks, we’re full of energy, ideas and enthusiasm. Others, we’re not. This week, Annie Ridout was in panic mode and due on her period. So she did pretty much no work at all. Here’s why that was the right decision…

This week, I haven’t done a single piece of work.

Well, I responded to one email from my bookkeeper.

But that’s it.


Because I had premenstrual rage.

And pre-house-move PANIC.

But today, it started/lifted and ideas began to drop again.

So I decided to talk through how and why taking a whole week off was the best thing for me to do (on The Robora podcast).

What I spent my time doing (mostly, googling and chatting).

And what happened, when I gave myself permission to do NOTHING.

Nothing is the new everything.

Listen to my podcast about all the above, and also the most embarrassing marketing strategy I’ve ever tried.

And tell me: do you work with/around your cycle?

Annie x