Why isn’t my online course selling?

Want to know why you’re not selling any spaces on your online course? We have the answer(s)…

We sent out an email, asking what people are struggling with work-wise.

And the answers were so interesting.

They have given us so many ideas for podcast episodes, blogs, Facebook Lives.

So thank you to everyone who responded: we will cover all your challenges.

One woman said that she launched a course and didn’t sell any spaces.

After putting in all that hard work – writing, filming, hosting etc – this is so rubbish.

It feels shit.

I know, because I’ve had courses FLOP.

But now, I know what needs to be done prior to launch to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Also, how to market and sell it once the course is out there.

So Rich and I have recorded a podcast episode on: Why isn’t my online course selling?

We answer this question together.

Rich offers some great ideas for creating a marketing and sales strategy.

And I compare the word ‘marketing’ to ‘vegetable’ (hate both words; love what they both are/mean).

Have a listen, folks.

And if you have any questions/challenges you’d like us to address – leave them in the comments.

Ta x