Why you should hire a graphic designer for your brand

An early mistake I see people make, when launching a brand, is to do their own graphic design, although they’re not a designer. I’m all for a general DIY approach as an entrepreneur; trying stuff out, saving funds. But not with design. 

With my first business, The Early Hour, I had Matt Bucknall design the logo. He answered the brief perfectly: intelligent, playful, unisex. And so I then asked him to do my self-published poetry book: Twenty-nine: Poems on Motherhood.
And more recently, he created the visual identity for The Robora.
I would really recommend that you hire a good designer to help with the visual side of your brand. After all, first impressions are everything. If you have a crappy logo and odd colours that don’t say anything about your brand, people will instantly turn away.
But when you have good design, they stay. They want to know more.
Who are your favourite graphic designers?
Tag in the comments so others can use your recommendations… 

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  1. 100% yes to getting your design right before launching, it’s a huge part of my brand – I’m very biased but @glenbirchall is a goodie!

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