Woodlice in the home: a spiritual sign of abundance or just a damp house?

We moved a few weeks ago, into a half-finished, half-building-site house.

And on the first morning, with the light pouring into the sitting room (one of the nearly-finished rooms), I saw a woodlouse.

I quite like woodlice.

Possibly because as a child I had a friend who liked to pick them up. She told me not to be scared. She told me that they were cute. And I believed her, and still do.

But I wasn’t sure I wanted woodlice on my new rug. Or for there to be too many of them around the home. I’m happier seeing them in the garden.

So I did what all spiritually-inclined people do and looked up the spiritual meaning of woodlice in the home.

Apparently, they signal abundance.

I like this word, as it can be connected with wealth in the financial and material sense but also with general goodness.

For instance, I feel I have an abundance of nature in my life now, and family and love and connection and creativity.

I scrolled through Google and came across another article, which said that you find woodlice in damp spaces.

Considering our home was derelict and neglected for some years – and prior to that, was home to 40+ cats (and rats, mice etc) – there is quite possibly some damp residue.

But I decided not to focus on that and instead to focus on the more interesting notion that the sighting of a woodlouse, in my home, denotes abundance.

The reason? According to this website:

‘This is because a woodlouse refuses to discard what others would see as unpalatable, i.e. rotten wood. Instead, a woodlouse utterly embraces the total abundance of rotten wood and plant matter and uses that waste to fuel its very existence.’

And so I will continue to accept woodlice in my home. But maybe do a little extra damp proofing too.

To end, a question: if you could have an abundance of any one thing in your life, what would it be?